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A collection of music / videos from artists we like and support.

The Soundtrack to Time Travel

With the outpour of support for coloring book, I decided to have some fun and release an apple playlist (Sorry Spotify users 🙁 ) to coloring alongside with. I spent way more time working on this than I care to admit, but I certainly hope you guys dig it. Come color and time travel with me.

[ Listen on Apple Music ]


For those who haven’t yet – the book IS out now. Purchase your copy below and feel free to tell me what you think!

How I Reversed Time, a coloring book experience by Dennis Joseph. Now Available.

Click HERE to Purchase

Barnes & Nobles:
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Sunday Rap Service

I have a lot of..unique playlists that I tend to shuffle through depending on my mood or the day. This one was made for, well, Sundays. If you don’t make it to church, turn this on and you’ll be aight.

PS. All of my playlists are made on Apple Music. Forgive me, Spotify and Tidal users.

Latasha Alcindor – HeadRaps

L.A. never disappoints me and her new video is no different. Directed and shot by Jason Chandler, the Brooklyn MC flows effortlessly over the track with a really fly 90s vibe to the video. And ofcourse, you know she brings it with the bars. Check it out and keep an eye open for new material from her this year!