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Digital Goods: How I Reversed Time

With the (Advanced) copy of my Coloring Book, “How I Reversed Time” dropping this friday, here’s a few new wallpapers for both your phone and watch to fit the theme and set the mood. Enjoy, Time Travelers!

Phone Wallpapers

Apple Watch Wallpapers

Apple Watch Wallpapers | Round 1

Does your watch need a facelift? We got you covered. Check out our first round of Apple Watch wallpapers. 25 total. Thats enough to rotate, or just pick your favorite. Whatever works. Enjoy!

Toy Sldrs Wallpapers | 3rd Delivery

It’s been quite some time since the wallpapers section has been updated. To kick off the relaunch, I figured I’d start with a flip on one of the most recognized patterns within the fashion world. Click on an image below to save your favorite (or all 3!)

How To: Make Your Own Toy Sldr


(Click image for the FULL SIZE print out )

What You Need:
1. Printer, obviously.
2. Paper (2 Sldrs Per Sheet)
3. Scissors
4. Glue/ Glue Stick
5. 15 mins.




Step 1: Carefully cut the Sam Sldrs figure out of the paper as close to the edges as possible.

Step 2: Fold the body as indicated in the diagram for all the highlighted areas.
Blue Folds = Horizontal
Pink Folds = Vertical
Orange Folds = Vertical*

Step 3: Glue all the white flaps to their respective parts in order to keep the body together. If you did it correctly, his body should form. In regards to the orange folds, make sure to fold those OUTWARD so you get the illusion he’s standing on a board. (Like all Toy Sldrs do.)


Congrats, now begin building your own army!