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Michael Bierut – Creating the NYC Subway Map & Logos

Michael Bierut talks about his mentor Massimo Vignelli, the man responsible for our subway map and all of the train logos. He also goes on to speak of the influence the internet has on present day design and designers. Literally everything around you is designed by SOMEONE. We tend to take little things like that for granted although they all have an interesting story. Image creating something like that and have it still be around til this day? Not all logos and designs can endure the test of time. Massimo’s has. These are a standard. You see them and instantly think “New York.” If you’re into design (and even if you aren’t) it’s a great watch.

[Short Film] Your Lucky Day

Never goes down like this in the local bodega. Great film, but honestly, I rather be unlucky. (Shawn graduated high school with Corey and Topanga and this is where he ends up? Life’s so rough.)