AZIATIX officially signed to Young Money Records?

AZIATIX officially signed to Young Money Records?


They most certainly are!

After news got around that the group would be attending YMCMB’s pre-grammy party, a quiet buzz started to reverberate around all social media platforms. What could Lil Wayne possibly have to do with Aziatix?


Now I’ve talked about Aziatix before, mainly because I’m in love with them. The group is comprised of Eddie Shin (the GOD of Silky Locks), Nicky Lee, and Jay “Flowsik” Pak. This isn’t a K-Pop group. This is a R&B Soul and Hip Hop group. With Eddie and Nicky on the vocals, and Flowsik with the rhymes, this group has a laundry list of awards and recognition, amongst some being : debuting at #1 on the U.S., Japanese, and Korean R&B/Soul iTunes list, and being the first Asian American group to be featured on AOL’s music home pages. Born in Boston, MA, Los Angeles and Flushing, Queens, NY, respectively, this trio have been heavily influenced by urban-soul sounds and continue to please us with addictive beats, and beautiful lyricism.

So again, I reiterate, this is not a K-Pop group. This is your above average American soul and hip hop group. So now that you’ve seen them, you can get a little, just a corner of the excitement (and that’s an understatement, Aziaddicts are losing their collective shit) we have now that YMCMB’s has taken the prime opportunity to sign these guys. More opportunity to see them at shows, more opportunity for them to shine, more opportunity to see them on television and more opportunity to let their music be heard.


Congratulations, Eddie, Nicky and Jay!