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Streetwear Blogs

I’ve noticed a lot of streetwear brands no longer place emphasis on making blog posts. Did we all just run out of shit to say? Probably. It’s almost like a relationship. You see, when you text the other person all day long, there’s not much to talk about when you both get home.

Microblogging (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc.) all offer “on the go” and “NOW” satisfaction. You’re literally plugged in all day.

Do you even visit blogs in general anymore? When it comes to music, Apple / Spotify / Tidal / etc will send you a notification directly to your phone on new releases. You can hear a new single in seconds. There’s playlists with new artists. The competition seems pretty stacked in that area. (Whew, glad I’m not apart of that!)

I’m getting sidetracked. We’re talking streetwear. When it comes to learning about the culture and lifestyle behind a brand, checking out their site to see what they were up to used to be a thing. But who really needs a blog post when I can find out everything I need to know via your social media? The issue here is when all of your content is found on social media (great for sharing and building an audience no doubt!), but you don’t technically own any of it. You’re on a lease, buddy. If your favorite microblog website crashed tomorrow, you lose everything. In the very least, with your own site, you can back your content up. And it’s YOURS. 100% yours.

I don’t know, man. Ramblings of a mad man. It just sorta feels like we all traded ownership for accessibility & convenience. I for one will be making a conscience effort to post more.

The Food Tour About Nothing

“Everyone’s doing something, let’s do nothing!” ~George Constanza

This was originally something I did as a private outing, but it wouldn’t be fair to other Seinfeld fans who’d probably enjoy it. So expect a PUBLIC version of the tour to happen soon. For now, enjoy a few of the pics below (Featuring The Black & White Cookie, The Chocolate Babka, The Lobster Bisque and a stop at the famous Tom’s Restaurant)