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The Road to DC’s FanDome – Round 3

We’re in the End Game, now. Did I make a Marvel reference for DC related content? You bet. None of those restraints exist. Nothing exists. Time is a social construct. Now and then all happen simultaneously. This is how I believe Dr. Manhattan would handle this. Speaking of the blue guy, he wraps up my DC FanDome artwork project. After catching the series on HBO, I wanted to create something based on the show. So glad I finally got the opportunity. If you’d like to grab a copy, it’s now available in the shop. Or maybe it always was? Because ti- you know what, nevermind. Enjoy!

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The Road to DC’s FanDome – Round 2

With DC’s FanDome 24hr event less than a week away, I released 2 new prints into the shop of 2 of MY personal favorite characters. You can never go wrong with The Flash or Batman. The only thing that makes it better is their new found connection in the upcoming Flash movie that features Michael Keaton reprising his role as The Dark Knight himself. If you’re looking for more indepth comic stuff, you can always checkout the podcast I co-host. The Mighty Metahumans

In the meantime, if you’re looking to decorate your wall, take a look at the new prints below and visit the shop.

Speedforce Barry

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Keaton ’89

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The Road to DC’s FanDome

If you know me, you know I’m a comic fan. So with us all being stuck inside for the most part, anytime there’s a virtual convention of some kind available – I’m there. DC is offering their own “Comic Con” event in a few weeks and I wanted to drop some new prints to celebrate. To start things off, how’s about 2 of the most famous clowns? Both prints now available in the shop! (With more to come. Shhh 🙂 )



DAY 4: BOATS. Breonna’s Law

So we’ve reached the end of our BOATS journey for now and I saved my personal favorite for last. It’s no secret (or perhaps it is to some?) that when it comes to crimes (murders, kidnappings, etc. you name it) and society in general, Black Women feel ignored / silenced – especially in comparison to men BY men and media as a whole.  So while WE may be battling racism on a united front, there’s still their fight against sexism on top of that. Breonna Taylor was murdered on March 13th. George Floyd was murdered May 25th. If you’re being honest with yourself, which one did you hear about first?

Yeah, I know. Me too. And that’s the reality of it. And I’m not comparing deaths or weighing one over the other because both of them should still be here. So should all the others we barely hear about. When it comes to this piece, I named it “Breonna’s Law” after the actual law about the no knock warrant. However, I wanted it to still remain relevant to ALL other cases involving women. Like Oluwatoyin for example. And just women in general.  I’m sure right now you know of a woman/women who has been harassed in some form. Just this week …month …year.

And I’m certainly not perfect so none of this is meant to come off as holier than thou. All I’m saying is, if we’re going to tackle changes in other areas, this one shouldn’t be forgotten about either. On a final note, while I haven’t seen Moonlight (I’m backed up with films and shows), I did happen to see a quote for it that stuck for some reason while doing a color study for this very piece. “In moonlightblack boys look blue”.

So I made Black Women purple, because it’s the color of royalty.

BOATS, Breonna’s Law
Purchase: https://www.toysldrs.com/product/breonnas-law/