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Up to date information on current and future Toy Sldrs collections and other important news directly concerning the brand.

GREEN FRIDAY | 65% OFF Warehouse Sale 11/21-11/28


The year is coming to a close and we’re looking to go out with a bang. For the first time ever, everything is priced at 65% off. Seriously. Everything in stock. Yes, even that thing. The thing you like. There will be NO restocks.  Add to your vintage collection while you can because once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

For the art fans, ALL prints purchased via the shop will be signed too!

Valid from 11/21-11/28

NFT (oys)

As technology continues to advance in cool new ways, so do the types of user experiences you can provide. If you aren’t aware, crypto & blockchains have entered a new stage in their growth providing the world with “NFT’s”. [ Note: If you’d like a FULL breakdown on what NFT’s are, you can click here. ] This allows for people to collect 1 of a kind items that will hopefully in time continue to increase in value. This includes digital art pieces, video clips, meme’s and even trading cards.

Enter Sam. Mr Sldrs himself thought it was a good idea to create his OWN deck of trading cards. They will be released weekly on OpenSea. OpenSea is a digital marketplace that houses many of the NFTs I mentioned earlier. If you’re curious to see what the 1st card out of our Sam Sldrs pack looks like, simply visit the link below. Happy collecting!

[ 1st Strike Trading Cards ]

RESTOCKED!: Grand Theft Sldrs

Incase you missed it:  This is the first time we’ve restocked these in years. 2020 has been so crazy, why not, right? The only downside is they will ONLY be available for a limited time. That’s right. You have until 11:59pm EST, November 25th to purchase yours. Make sure you grab 1 before prepping for Thanksgiving! Orders won’t ship until the 5 day purchase window closes. Thanks again for supporting!

The Road to DC’s FanDome – Round 2

With DC’s FanDome 24hr event less than a week away, I released 2 new prints into the shop of 2 of MY personal favorite characters. You can never go wrong with The Flash or Batman. The only thing that makes it better is their new found connection in the upcoming Flash movie that features Michael Keaton reprising his role as The Dark Knight himself. If you’re looking for more indepth comic stuff, you can always checkout the podcast I co-host. The Mighty Metahumans

In the meantime, if you’re looking to decorate your wall, take a look at the new prints below and visit the shop.

Speedforce Barry

[ Purchase ]

Keaton ’89

[ Purchase ]