Toy Sldrs Artwork x #ComicConAtHome

If you were looking for some exclusive Toy Sldrs prints for Comic Con, I just added more than 10 prints that have never been placed for sale before. And will be signing ALL orders! These prints are only available throughout Comic Con week, after which they will be put back on ice (I’m sure there’s a Captain America joke in there)

July 22nd – July 27th ONLY
: Comic Con Prints

Community Love

Bring Your Own Supplies!
Time: Every Saturday @ 7:15pm EST
Where: http://www.Twitch.Tv/ToySldrs

You know what? I love community. Both the show and the being apart of one. The camaraderie of it all. And with art being such a large influence on me, (this very site you’re reading this on for example), I’ve always wanted to start something up and make a space for other creatives to just gather and chill. There’s no pressure to create, collab or compete… and your skill level doesn’t matter. There is something to be said for being around other like minded individuals and finding your ‘tribe’. And since finding it can oftentimes be a long process – I skipped that part and decided to just build my own.

And you’re welcomed to be apart of it. Starting today (Saturday, 7:15pm EST), I’ll be going LIVE on Twitch each weekend to either color, draw, paint, build something etc and you are invited to pull up to talk while doing your own thing. With the majority of the world still inside and probably lacking any real communication, I hope to make this a chill way to just decompress from the world’s insanity for a bit. Check out some of the work that got posted!

If you’re wondering where to pick up a coloring book to join us, you can grab mine. [ Purchase a Copy on Amazon by Clicking Here ] However, there’s no obligation to do so. You can use any book you want or currently own. Or bring a pad and draw / write. It’s all up to you. As a BONUS, with the help of @TanaIsBananas, we also have a themed drink for the future live events. Grab the mix below to “Sam’s Secret Stuff” (21 and over only, please)

Come create with us!

DAY 4: BOATS. Breonna’s Law

So we’ve reached the end of our BOATS journey for now and I saved my personal favorite for last. It’s no secret (or perhaps it is to some?) that when it comes to crimes (murders, kidnappings, etc. you name it) and society in general, Black Women feel ignored / silenced – especially in comparison to men BY men and media as a whole.  So while WE may be battling racism on a united front, there’s still their fight against sexism on top of that. Breonna Taylor was murdered on March 13th. George Floyd was murdered May 25th. If you’re being honest with yourself, which one did you hear about first?

Yeah, I know. Me too. And that’s the reality of it. And I’m not comparing deaths or weighing one over the other because both of them should still be here. So should all the others we barely hear about. When it comes to this piece, I named it “Breonna’s Law” after the actual law about the no knock warrant. However, I wanted it to still remain relevant to ALL other cases involving women. Like Oluwatoyin for example. And just women in general.  I’m sure right now you know of a woman/women who has been harassed in some form. Just this week …month …year.

And I’m certainly not perfect so none of this is meant to come off as holier than thou. All I’m saying is, if we’re going to tackle changes in other areas, this one shouldn’t be forgotten about either. On a final note, while I haven’t seen Moonlight (I’m backed up with films and shows), I did happen to see a quote for it that stuck for some reason while doing a color study for this very piece. “In moonlightblack boys look blue”.

So I made Black Women purple, because it’s the color of royalty.

BOATS, Breonna’s Law

DAY 3: BOATS. Based On A True Story

No one usually makes a statue or monument for the purpose of vilifying. The Venus de Milo is commonly accepted to be an ode to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. Located in Paris, within the Louvre Museum, countless admirers from all over the world have come out to see it in person. When you walk into the United Center Arena and see “The Spirit” or as most people recognize it, The Michael Jordan statue, you don’t think “yeah, they fucking hated that guy.” It’s meant to glorify. Statues and Monuments of all sorts are our way of idolizing a figure or moment as bigger than life. To preserve it’s memory throughout history.

In a time where NASCAR is taking steps to ban the confederate flag, the Washington Redskins football organization is facing pressure to change the teams name, Quaker changing Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s image and names over Racial Stereotypes – I couldn’t force a tear out for the likes of  Robert E. Lee, Robert Milligan, John Sutter, Charles Linn, Christopher Columbus or any other statue being taken down willingly or forcibly. Takes all of 5 minutes to Google where they stood if you fell asleep in history class.

If you fall under the same category as those guys, your statue is probably next. So in the words of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, protect ya fuckin’ neck.

BOATS, Protect Ya Neck