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What is the Sam Sldrs nft project?

Sam Sldrs? NFTs? avatars? what?

As we previously discussed, here, NFTs are only getting bigger and bigger. And with so many still completely unaware of NFTs, The Metaverse, etc., we’re hoping to get you more involved with everything going on. Enter the Sam Sldrs project.

Into The Sldrverse

We are creating ‘variants’ of our Sam Sldrs logo and minting it into the Metaverse. 1 new Sam Sldr avatar each day.

Ok, but WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? I means, you can now purchase your very own Sam Sldrs. A 1/1. All yours. Dr Samhattan. Iron Sam Tyson. Bert Sampson. Etc. You purchase it and have ownership of it. Do whatever you want. Make it your avatar across the web. Print a tee to wear. Get some stickers for yourself. You have your own metaverse variant of the original Sam Sldrs. You are now a member of the Toy Sldrs army! And even better – you are the only one with that version of Sam. Forever.

Ok, that’s kinda cool. How do we get it?

All of our Sam Sldrs variants are $0.007 ETH (Roughly $13-15 USD) each.

Ok, that sounds like a steal. But what are METAMASKS?
Well inorder to purchase NFTs, you need a crypto wallet. Coinbase, Metamask, etc. Just like you use a physical wallet to store your cards to purchase products in malls, grocery stores, etc you need one for crypto. Here’s a good tutorial on how to set up a Metamask Wallet >

Got it. Makes sense. Definitely joining the team now
Glad to have you. Let us know when your recruitment letter goes through!