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30% Off ALL art prints!

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As you’re aware, I wanted to make art a bigger role for the brand, and since it’s Black Friday / Small Business / Cyber /Everything else weekend, I decided it was a great time to have a sale. So if you’re looking to put some new art up in your home or office, we’re offering 30% off EVERYTHING! No code needed. Just cop and checkout. Easy peasy.

Thanks for the continued support!

Breaking the Wheel

To be perfectly honest, I’ve always had an issue with releasing seasonal collections. The whole point of having my own equipment was to move at my own pace. I’d much prefer to create and release new products based on when I come up with them vs the traditional calendar schedule brands seem to run with.  I understand WHY it’s done, I just no longer want to do it. So as of this post, that’s how things are going to run around here. Smaller capsule collections that exist outside of the seasonal thing. *Flies away on his Dragon*