NFT (oys)

As technology continues to advance in cool new ways, so do the types of user experiences you can provide. If you aren’t aware, crypto & blockchains have entered a new stage in their growth providing the world with “NFT’s”. [ Note: If you’d like a FULL breakdown on what NFT’s are, you can click here. ] This allows for people to collect 1 of a kind items that will hopefully in time continue to increase in value. This includes digital art pieces, video clips, meme’s and even trading cards.

Enter Sam. Mr Sldrs himself thought it was a good idea to create his OWN deck of trading cards. They will be released weekly on OpenSea. OpenSea is a digital marketplace that houses many of the NFTs I mentioned earlier. If you’re curious to see what the 1st card out of our Sam Sldrs pack looks like, simply visit the link below. Happy collecting!

[ 1st Strike Trading Cards ]