MFBTY : w o n d a l a n d

There are levels to stannery. There always has and there always will be.

I, amazingly, manage to touch all aspects and levels. I can barely tell you much about Dragon Ball Z aside from character names, senzu beans and the fact that one fight will take up about 2 weeks of your precious time. I know even less about One Piece (OH THE SHAME!). I can look at my bookshelf and see it flooded with epics about hobbits and wizards and women who lead rebellions, conspiracy theories about Mary Magdalene, manga chapters, the sort. And you can look at my bookshelf and see my appalling lack of romantic comedies, Steve Harvey self help books and books along the lines of B-More Careful (BECAUSE NO).

Then there are times where I transcend levels. I become ethereal and ridiculous in my stannery. Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons (which I can meta like no one has ever meta’d before.) Naruto and Bleach and my undying love for Uiquorria. Beyonce. SHINee, dear God SHINee. I actually radiate pure maniac when it comes to such things.


Well, it is time to add another so completely deserving bullet on that list of things I am completely manic about.

My Fans (are) Better Than Yours, or as aptly acronymized (you guys are going to have to get used to me making up words) as



This should be no surprise; I’ve spoken highly about this group before. It was February 2013 when MFBTY released “Sweet Dreams”  and it was February 2013 when I become obsessed. Manic, I tell you.

MFBTY is comprised of MCs Bizzy and Husband-Wife tag team Yoon Mi Rae and Drunken Tiger.


(Left to right: Bizzy, Yoon Mi Rae, Drunken Tiger)

These empyrean titans– legends!– in the Korean Hip Hop World came together to bless us with their first mini-album. We were graced with the aforementioned visual beast of a music video “Sweet Dreams” as well as my favorite favorite track BizzyTigerYoonMiRae.

Following the creation of Feel Ghood Music, we now have, two years later, Wondaland. Wondaland is the full length album–thank GOD–that blessed us with SIXTEEN tracks.


Now what’s special about this album has something for everyone, your neopolitan of KHip Hop/Pop albums. There is the upbeat, funky  make you get out of your seat Bang Diggy Bang Bang. You’ve got Tasha (Yoon Mi Rae) and Tiger’s son Jordan’s adorably giddy Fart Dance. You’ve got the Bucku Bucku banger featuring Rapmon of BTS, EE, and Dino-J. You have Tasha’s angelic vocals with Bizzy and Tiger’s addictive rhymes on Angel. Then you have the fire-filled Rebel Music which plucks at the heartstrings of any revolutionary. Love Game with with Son Seung Yeon’s BEASTLY AMAZING POWERFUL vocals. Then, if you really want your mind blown Hollywho feat DOK2 is SO THROUGH. All four MCs FLOATED on this track. You HAVE to listen.


I mean I could do this for each and every track. I seriously could. OR you could go buy it and check out the entire thing.

The moral of the story is, in a world completely taken over by the Hallyu Wave, we have a group that has managed to incorporate not on the thuggery and essence of hip hop along with the very thing that made Hallyu a WAVE, addicted melodies, upbeat tempo, funky lyrics and FEEL GHOOD MUSIC.


  1. Welcome to Wondaland (intro)
  2. Hello Happy (feat. ????)
  3. 야야야/Hey Hey Hey (Half Time)
  4. 부끄부끄/Blush Blush (feat. EE, Dino-J, Rap Monster do BTS)
  5. Love Fortune
  6. 눈빛에 (In Your Eyes)
  7. Hollywho (feat. DOK2)
  8. Rebel Music
  9. 방뛰기방방 / Bang Digi BangBang
  10. 방귀 Dance/Fart Dance
  11. Angel
  12. 6am
  13. 사랑놀이/Love Game (feat. Son SeungYeon)
  14. Let It Go (Yong JunHyung do BEAST)
  15. 사랑과 펑화/Love & Peace (feat. Jeon InKwon)
  16. BizzyTigerYoonmirae (Smells & Reno Remix)