Feels good to be back.

So what the hell was the hold up?!

You see, the end goal was to always handle production in-house. It’s always something I’ve had a personal issue with. I’m not a huge fan of outsourcing, but I understand why it’s necessary. You can’t do it all yourself, I get it. The thing is, I’m a hands on type. I want and need to be involved with the entire process. I want things to be perfect. And if it isn’t, I rather that be by the fault of my own hands than someone else’s. As ambitious as that may sound, realistically, it would require time. And sacrifice. And space. So over the course of maybe, a year and a half, we turned nothing into something. We couldn’t find a space, so we made one. More 4..5..6am nights than you know went into cleaning it, cementing it & painting it. And we’re still not done. But hey, slow motion is better than no motion. Bringing in equipment, piece by piece. Designing and maintaining all the other projects I’ve been apart of – it’s time consuming.

Meanwhile, I felt as if I was going to change the way things worked behind the scenes, the site itself should reflect that. So now everything is hosted through Toys. Not big cartel (not shots, they’re great!) or anyone else. I wanted to incorporate more of “me” into the site. If you’ve followed on instagram during the downtime, I’ve developed a new found love for custom stickers. It gives me the freedom to just create whatever and put it out there. I also wanted to take people into the production end of things. So, going forward, you will see how different products are made on its respective page in the store. Why?¬†Well I know personally, I like to see how things I buy are created. And in this case, I want people to see where their money goes. Theres no huge factory and tons of workers. There’s me. Everything is inspected before getting shipped. I’m giving you the best I got.

Anyway, this is getting long. To sum it up, I hope you guys appreciate the work that has gone into all the changes that you see. I do this because I love it.