[Full Collection] Marvel x Hip Hop Album Covers


If there’s 2 things I love, it’s comics and hip hop. After sparking a lot of excitement with their recent flip of the rap group Run the Jewel’s (El-P & Killer Mike) logo/cover art made by Nick Gazin, Marvel have gone all out and created a full blown project around it enlisting artists in their arsenal to re-create tons of album cover favorites. Marvel’s current editor in chief, Axel Alonso, went on to say:

Every single #1 that is tied to our current campaign, All-New Marvel Now!, will have one. So there will be about 55-60 covers. All-New Marvel Now! is a campaign where there are new #1s across the board – from Spider-Man to Squirrel Girl to stuff we haven’t announced yet, like Black Panther. What’s been released so far is just the head of the spear.

So many dope pieces below. How many can you name?