Infinity Stones? Purple guy? Man, what? An MCU Cheatsheet.

“What is a Thanos? Death is a girl? Why is everyone after skittle colored jewels??? THERE’S 18 MOVIES????” 

18 movies,  6 different Netflix series & 3 tv shows to be exact. To call Marvel’s Universe big is a severe understatement. It’s massive. And everything has been leading towards the very reason you came to this post. Thanos. The Infinity Stones. THE Infinity War.

By now most of your cooler friends are bouncing off walls with pure excitement for Marvel’s upcoming 19th (which is insane, btw) full length film over the course of 10 years. And hey, you’re cool. Hip, even. But you’ve only seen a handful of those movies and feel out the loop. With more than a month to go, there’s certainly enough time to simply watch all 18 movies if you can carve out about 31 hours of your life. However, there’s still Agent Carter, Shield, Netflix…

TV Shows:
Agent Carter – 2 Seasons = 18 Eps.
Agents of Shield – 5 Seasons* = 100 Eps*
InHumans – Who cares.
Netflix Series
Daredevil – 2 Seasons = 26 Eps
Jessica Jones – 2 Seasons = 26 Eps
Luke Cage – 1 Season = 13 Eps
Iron Fist – 1 Season = 13 Eps
The Defenders – 1 Season = 8 Eps
The Punisher – 1 Season = 13 Eps

You read that and panicked. I know. Don’t worry, this IS a cheatsheet afterall, so don’t expect to watch even half of that list. Infact, you aren’t watching ANY of the tv or netflix series. Feeling a little better so far? Good. We’re focusing on just the MOVIES. And to be even more specific, the movies with Infinity Stones in them or have a substantial role in the overall storyline.  That way you aren’t completely lost April 27th when Infinity War drops. Take a look below:

Marvel cinematic universe, cheat sheet, mcu cheat sheet

We cut 18 films down to 10*. 11 if you watch Thor 2. If you start today and watch 2 movies a week, you’d be done by April 14th/15th -ish. That leaves you more than a week to decompress from all the info, easter eggs, etc you’ve just taken in over a month. And if you want to, you can even double back and catch the other films you skipped. Speaking of the other films, there will be links below to 4 min summaries of each. Watch them in the correct order of the chart above so everything still flows correctly.

WATCH (in order)

What Are Infinity Stones?

KEY: List of Each Infinity Stone color coded to match the movie it was featured in.

  • Space Stone (The Tessaract)
  • Mind Stone
  • Reality Stone (The Aether)
  • Power Stone (The Orb)
  • Time Stone (Eye of Agamotto)
  • Soul Stone (???)


Is he strong tho?

I’m all caught up. This is exciting! So wait… The Avengers are gonna die? 🙁
Yeah, it’s pretty quiet for most of them. Glad you’re all caught up though. Go buy your ticket!