Legend of Korra

So here we have it! Another leader female in the animated world that is a woman of color! So that automatically gets hearts pumping and minds racing! The fact that it’s a pretty cool show doesn’t hurt either. Legend of Korra finds a way to interlock and weave with Avatar the Last Airbender without being a duplicate. It is it’s own independent show and cast, they have a different goal and a completely different enemy. There is a lot that could be said about the show, but at the risk of throwing out spoilers for those who haven’t had the chance to see it yet, I won’t.

First so the Avatar the Last Airbender fans who haven’t seen LOK, here is a tie in so that you can see what’s been happening for the last 80 so odd years since the last episode of ATLA.

We can see here how the two worlds connect while still managing to be two dependent cast and plots.

Here is out Avatar, Korra of the Water Tribe.

Spunky, fiesty and independent, Korra is a foil to Aang, the Airbending Avatar. While Aang was lighthearted and bright, Korra is determined, and serious, even has a bit of a temper problem. She goes after what she wants, sometimes against the wishes and advice of those who wish to help her.


Tenzin is Aang’s youngest child ( I won’t tell you the mother, that’s a spoiler, but if you were watching ATLA, you’ll know). He is the one that is in charge of teaching Korra airbending, the one technique she doesn’t know and one of her two roadblocks to becoming a fullbodied Avatar. His seriousness matches and superceeds her, as he tries to teach her what she needs to know, while also trying to be the anchor she needs. He has her best interest at heart even if he can’t see the bigger picture.

Mako and Bolin

Mako and Bolin, Firebending and Earthbending (respectively) brothers who serve as Korra’s companions, both in the fight against the Equalist and as her Pro-Bending teamates.

Lin Beifong

Ooooh, how I love Lin Beifong. The daughter of Toph, she is the current head of the Metalbending Police force, taking over her mother’s position after she died. She has shown herself to be overly serious and grounded, taking an instant dislike to Korra from jump. But she has also shown herself to be maybe the most BADASS bender on the show yet. We like Lin Beifong, we like her a LOT.

And then we have Amon.

We don’t know much about Amon, except he hates Bending and Benders, and he doesn’t have a face. And he’s a party-pooper.

So those are our LOK stars, showing up on your televisions every Saturday morning. And how we know this show is going to be a success? We’ve got SHIPPING wars already! Everybody tune in, so we can have serious discussions and so I don’t feel like a grown woman giving lectures on Saturday Morning Cartoons!