photo 5

Life Achievement Unlocked.


If you know me, stalk me or have held a conversation with me, you know I am a HUGE Seinfeld fan. So the fact that it took me this long to finally visit Tom’s Restaurant is embarrassing. That however, didn’t make it any less awesome. Of course, I kept my excitement to myself as to not look like a total doofus infront of the workers there or the casual customers walking in and out buying their coffee and such. Traveling all the way to 110 St seems insane, especially from Brooklyn, and maybe it is. But hey, Jerry & co. ate there so I had to as well.

Now that we’ve covered that, what did I eat there you ask? Was it the Tuna on Rye? The BIG Salad? Salmon (because it swims against the current, while tuna swims with it)? the Soup with crackers? What? WHAT DID I HAVE?!?1 AHHH!! By now, you’re probably on the edge of your seat in all out anticipation. Well friend, let me solve this giant mystery.

It was hot as shit that day, so I had wings and cheesy fries. While I am no stranger to either, for some reason, on this day..this great great day – they both somehow tasted better than normal. It was such a chill spot, no doubt I’ll be heading back. If you live in the NYC area and a Seinfeld fan, stop by. If you see me, tell a Seinfeld joke or I won’t respond. I’m probably not kidding either.