Maybe we’re all a little crazy

I think so. Especially creatives (musicians, artists, etc.), or whatever you prefer to be called. The way you draw up unique ideas requires some level of divergent thinking. The way you see & approach things, all from a slightly different view point compared to the majority. This is a far stretch from what people usually think of when they hear “crazy.” But perhaps crazy is just what you find on the extreme right side of a plane where as creative is on the other end. Maybe creativity is just the ability to “tap into” that crazy without allowing yourself to be engulfed by it?

Who knows.

I talk to myself when I create. I speak out loud when coming up with ideas. I do lots of nonsensical shit whether you’re around me or not, but it’s all apart of my (design) process. Passion could just be honed madness to some extent focused in a positive direction. While browsing around TED Talks, I bumped into a very short (5 mins) speech by Joshua Walters, who was diagnosed with a Bipolar disorder. He shares his thoughts on what “being just crazy enough” means, which fits in exactly with what I was talking about. Pretty interesting. Check it out below: