Oppa Gangnam Style!

Oppa Gangnam Style!

It’s hard breaking into and breaking down American’s strong sense of pop culture and inclusivity. While other countries are embracing our artist and the phrase “World Tour” actually means a world tour, for international artist looking to make a home on American radios and televisions it may be a harder thing to do.

Take the Wonder Girls. They toured with Justin Bieber, Earth Wind and Fire, and The Jonas Brothers. Had their own television movie on Nickelodean and I bet not one person can name any of their English language songs.

JYJ managed to get KANYE FUCKING WEST to produce and feature on one of their songs, Malik Yosef spit a whole poem on the intro and they had Darkchild’s entire production team easing them into the language differences and again, unless you’re a K-POP fan, you wouldn’t know that KANYE WEST was a JYJ fanboy.

  • 2NE1 has Will. I. Am in their back pockets. He has flown to Korea so many times for their American langauge LP, you’d think it’d be hard to notice. But it was.

    G-Dragon of Big Bang had a callabo with Flo-Rida and Laurie Anne from Diddy’s Making the Band is the executive creative director of Big Bang’s ALIVE tour. Who has heard a song?

    I could keep going; Common, Kid Cudi, Tyga Quincy Jones…all of them.

    But after all of the collaborations and traveling and collective culture sharing, guess who finally got the American’s attention?

    PSY a rapper signed with YG entertainment -tooted as the urban home of the mainstream BIG THREE companies- has managed to take the world by storm with his newest single “OPPA GANGNAM STYLE.” The video has gone viral, reaching 12 million views in less than two weeks.

    It has also captured the attention of a lot of big name celebrity who have flown to Twitter to rant and rave about it. Mainly. T-Pain.

    Even CNN picked up on the noise PSY was making in waves.

    Simply stating, PSY ability to make light of his art, be GOOD at it, and at the same time STYLE on you about the amount of money he makes and the amount of money YOU DON’t…well he deserves all the craziness.

    I’m outtie. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. You’ll enjoy. Trust. (Gallops out of the post)