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BoneLang – Pleasure Palace EP

I appreciate people dedicated to a concept. This is the 3rd EP from BoneLang in 3 months. (We last covered “III“) If you’re not looking to be overwhelmed with new music, check them out. It’s only 3 songs. There’s a little bit of everything on it. If you aren’t a fan by song 2, maybe it’s just you.


BoneLang – III’s (Threes)

III’s (Threes) is a three song EP that speaks to three different kinds of love, recorded in three different homes in three different seasons in three different years in which three different women exited our lives for three different reasons.

I DIG these guys. The concept. Everything. This is kick back vibe music. Awesome job. The tracks are full of soul, hip hop & free form poetry. Shoutout to the Chicago Duo.