Toy Sldrs Toy Drive


Hi. I’d like your help. This is something I’ve been looking into and maybe you have been as well. Let’s help each other. We may not change the entire world as we know it with this, however, what we CAN do is possibly put a smile on some kids face. Hell, we may not even meet that kid. Like ever. But you know what, who cares? The whole point is to do a good deed for someone. Even more importantly, someone who could use a good deed. I’m not asking for a million dollars per person (Although, if you have a few mil laying around – that’d be great.) What I AM asking is for you to donate one toy. Just one.

We will be taking donations up until December 9th 2014. According to their website (and emails), it may take up to 2 weeks to get everything delivered on time (in this case for Christmas) which is why the cut off date is so soon. The goal is a simple one. $500. I know we can do that. If you yourself cannot donate something, it’s okay. You can still help the cause by Retweeting, Sharing, +1, Like, etc this post or link to the donation page. If you direct 5 people and they donate – it’s still a win. The end goal is simply to help someone no matter how you get it done. Anyway, I’ve talked more than enough. Simply visit our donation page below and lets make it happen!