Spring is unofficially here. That means we can look forward to putting the heavy jackets, boots, thermals, etc away soon. Back to windbreakers & hoodies, the way God intended it. With that said, it also means new Toy Sldrs items & designs. We’ve kept it real light on the t-shirts over the past year (as you can see for yourself when you visit the shop) but expect that to change. Tees will always be the foundation of the brand, but showing diversity was an important next step in the growth of Toys.

Aside from brand new designs, there will also be a restock on some old goodies you haven’t seen in awhile. HINT: One of them was just posted on the instagram. Wink wink. Keep an eye out for all the new happenings taking place by keeping up with us on all social media platforms. We say ALL because each one is treated like its own individual news source. So the more you follow, the better informed you are. Simply look for ToySldrs under any of the following (or just click on them. That works too.):

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