You’re a f*cking idiot, Go Mi Nam

Y’all thought I was gone? I was but I’m back and it’s time to rant. Rants galore, like a department store of f*cking rants that aren’t even on sale, they are twice the cost of what they originally were a year ago because I haven’t ranted in so long. You’re gonna sit there and you’re gonna LIKE IT.


The subject of our rant today? K-Dramas (how did you know?)

This new found anger to scream about my beloved K-Dramas comes from a random post I saw on Tumbler where a second – lead (I’ll explain) is going on and on (the poor baby) about how the main girl doesn’t love him. Then it lead to me being real life angry and real life anger leaders to blog post full of anger. So hold tight. First up?


You’re Beautiful

The titular character of this blog post, Go Mi Nam, she’s the one who started this.


Set-up: I love Park Shin Hye, I really do. She’s a top notch actress, has a lovely singing voice and is racking up ALL the dollars. I mean she’s in everything. However, the role she is most famous for is Go Mi Nam and I want to punch Go Mi Nam in the face. Her real name in this drama is Go Mi Nyu (her real name),  a nun in training who is approached by the label her twin brother was most recently signed to, to fill in for him during a sudden sickness that prevents him from actually joining the band(A N.JELL…Angel…you get the drift) he’s supposed to sing lead on.


In S.K, most band members live together. Makes shit easier, since they travel and move in tandem and are seen as a UNIT rather than individual members to the company. So that’s the thing that makes this work, boy-harem, which provides ENDLESS laughter and drives the plot. Except for by the second episode, two of the other three band members know and now we’ve got LOVE TRIANGLE. Jeremy (the secondary-second lead) the oblivious one, the one who hasn’t figured it out yet, has his own subplot  as well– he’s falling for Go Mi Nam to but fights it because, dude, that’s gay. The FIRST lead male is Shin, a quiet, respectful, and in my eyes PERFECT boyfriend type main second lead. And then we have the male lead, Tae Kyung, who…is an asshole. Can you see where this is going?


Rant: You know, it takes a special type of person to drive a plot with by making the lead girl a fucking idiot. And not by means of intellect or making harmful decisions. You make her an idiot by playing into the stereotypical trope that “Good Girls Love Bad Guys.” I fucking HATE that trope. Shin, our main second lead, finds out Go Mi Nam is a girl the very first night. We’re expecting anger at being lied to (because they DIDN’T tell A.N. Jell) but guess what Shin does? HE PROTECTS HER. He protects her from Jeremy’s roughhousing and general cluelessness, he protects her from Tae Kyung ASSHOLE ASS, and he protects her secret.


protectnam shinnam2

I mean he is perfectly sweet to her. AND they have great chemistry AND they are great friends. In my world, THAT THE GUY YOU GO WITH (this isn’t me defending “nice guys”. “Nice guys” are different from adjusted, compatible potential love interest. I just wanted to point that out).

Tae Kyung finds out second, and poor little Jeremy finds out last. Even JEREMY is a better match because he TREATS HER BETTER. But who does fucking Go Mi Nam fall for? Fucking Tae Kyung’s bitchy ass.



And they make it worse by breaking both Shin’s and Jeremy’s heart. Tae Kyung’s behavior is made “okay” but bringing in his terrible childhood but shit that’s not enough for me. A fucking star necklace and pig rabbit. That was there thing. Bullshit. The HEIGHT of my anger? When Shin follows Go Mi Nam (dressed as a woman) around the city and leading her to places she would LOVE as a woman (because he appreciates her as a woman not as some band-mate plaything) and he finally decides to let her know that A) You’re Beautiful and B) I know you’re a woman and C) I want to continue to protect you and love you, this fucking idiot runs off because Tae Kyung calls her.




Set Up: I’m writing this as if I don’t eventually get what I want ship wise, but I’ll use the anger from episode 1 to 14 to fuel this one. Hye Mi is a brat but of course, she’s had a terrible childhood, so she’s a maladjusted brat. However, she isn’t given any slack for being a bitch to everyone and karma comes way of having to attempt to be friends with people to get what she wants. When she auditions for a school of arts and fails the audition, she is given a chance to collect three other people and if she can convince them to come back to the school despite the embarrassing live rejection school of arts have to go through, she can attend the school,too.


Now that leads to her finding most of the other characters, Jin Guk, IU and dadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Song Sam Dong.


This isn't Samdong, this is Kim Soo Hyum who plays him and I just wanted to look at a picture of him looking FINE AS HELL. YES LORD YES.

This isn’t Samdong, this is Kim Soo Hyum who plays him and I just wanted to look at a picture of him looking FINE AS HELL. YES LORD YES.

Sam Dong is absolutely head over heels in love with her from JUMP but because she’s a prejudice little harlot, the fact that Song Sam Dong is a country bumpkin with no viable social skills, she doesn’t even acknowledge that. So what ends up happening is Hye Mi, Jin Guk and Samdong end up living with Hye Mi’s uncle (who is in charge of them at Dream High) and that leads to LOVE TRIANGLE!!! Hye Mi is ga-ga from Jin Guk in a tsundere way, while Sam Song is still dying to be with her.





Also involves Hye Mi’s childhood friend (who she treated like shit) Baek-hee who is shit over heels in love with Jin Guk. Well, so is Hye Mi’s younger sister. I mean everyone is in love with Jin Guk. ANYWAYS.

Rant:  Sam Dong has stuck by Hye Mi’s side. Even when it mean social-career suicide to be seen with Hye Mi ( I mean the general population at Dream High detested her). He shielded her from the egg attack from the bullies, he redoes the GIGANTIC MURAL slandering Hye Mi, and he pushes her out of the way when someone tries to KILL HER by dropping a flower pot off a ten story building. He ends up in the hospital, it’s terrible. He even stays by her side when Jin Guk gets a record deal with the popular kids and leaves their little misfit crew behind, helping her plan a showcase for them when the school wouldn’t do it. SAM DONG LOVED THE SHIT OUT OF HYE MI AND MADE NO QUALMS ABOUT LETTING Y’ALL KNOW.

sammural protecthyem

So, tell me the fuck why I had to deal with them making me think that Jin Guk was going to get Hye Mi in the end for FOURTEEN FUCKING EPISODES? Are you fucking kidding me? Over a pair of headsets and something about them meeting when they were two and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Give me a break. Do I have to reiterate that SAM DONG LOVES THE SHIT OUT OF YOU AND MAKES NO QUALMS ABOUT LETTING EVERYONE KNOW?

Fuck this. This man gives you his LAST coupon so you can go get some food together and YOU GO OUT AND DO THIS?


samhyguk samcry

You even turned him into Bad Sam Dong for like…THREE whole episodes! HE PIERCED HIS EAR AND EVERYTHING! He was stepping to the bad side because you don’t have your head on straight!





Set up: Remember when I was FANGIRLING over The Great Queen Seok Dok? Time to dig in it’s side with a ten foot hammer claw weapon thing.


This shit was sssssssssssssoooooooooooo awesome


Make this short because you already know. Deokman is supposed to be queen because her Grandfather, Uncle, Daddy, and sister have all died (3/4th killed by Mishil who is…whatever). Because she rescues her not known sister (Princess Cheonmyeong) as a young boy (they love pretending to be the opposite sex for survival) she is inducted into Yushin’s Hwarang junta as a thank you. Guess what? LOVE TRIANGLE!! Princess Cheonmyeong is in love with Yushin, Yushin is in love with Deokman (because he finds out she’s a girl like…years ago), Deokman just wants to do what Deokman came to Silla to do.

 Rant: Fucking Yushin man. At no point, whatsoever was anyone rooting for Yushin and Deokman to be together, I’m not sure what the fuck the writers were thinking. Not because Yushin isn’t worthy, he is worth of EVERYTHING because Yushin is SO BADASS, but COME ON, grown up Yushin looked like he was 10 years older than ANYBODY else other than Princess Cheonmyeong.


You know when I started to think that maybe I was going to have to get mad? When Princess Cheonmyeong died. WHAT THE… there goes half of my OTP right there!  Princess Cheonmyeong’s love for Yushin is gone and now we gotta deal with Yushin’s dramatic ass and Deokman who…oh holy shit, is starting to return his love.

give me a break

give me a break

You want to know why this pisses me off?

Because he exist.

goodness gracious good god almighty

goodness gracious good god almighty

There is no real reason other than I wanted her to be with him. I mean really, at the end of the day both Yushin and Bidam did a LOT OF SHIT to protect and serve Deokman. A LOT. I mean A LOT. The only difference is Yushin had a shared goal with Deokman, a secondary desire to see her on the throne, while Bidam did EVERYTHING IN THIS ENTIRE STORY BECAUSE HE LOVED DEOKMAN. EVERY-THING. I don’t think you understand the gravity of what I’m saying. He almost dies like 5011 times because he loved her, he stages a fucking coup d’etat because if she won’t marry him, he’ll take over her fucking kingdom and MAKE HER marry him.

bidam bidam2 bidam3

He’s fucking insane with love.


And that ladies and gentlemen just make for a better story.