The Soundtrack To My Life: A Review

There is a certain energy that creators create. It’s pure synthesis. It works just like any other equation you’ve ever seen. Take one part (idea), add to one part (motivation), one part (talent) and one part (drive) and you have yourself the greatest formula known to creationism. The end result? A complete project.

Many of the ToySldrs readers are probably familiar with the quasi-relationship blog (although the creator will fight you for calling it that) slash common sense advice column, “When Keeping It Real Goes Right”.


Filled with the sort of homegrown “relatablity” that you don’t often see on blogs of this nature, the straight forwardness of Garfield’s advice usually strikes a cord (usually will strum a whole song if you read long enough) among the young urban readers who frequent his site. Blunt words mixed with smart advice that adds a fresh sharpness to the Gaussian blur washout of subjects that might have long grown stale on other sites.

This same “relatablity” is very evident in Garfield’s latest venture “The Soundtrack of My Life.” I was privy to rough draft version of his book, and saw the potential in the approach he took. Storytelling, however common, is always the greatest way to get word from person to person and the spin of telling your story through song is a surefire way to grab your audience’s attention. With “The Soundtrack of My Life”, this is done using Garfield’s greatest love, hip-hop, and after reading my attention was grabbed.

The Soundtrack to my life book cover

This work details the life of Garfield through several milestones in his life, First Loves, Friends and Family, School and more. Each chapter starts out with lyrics from a song (because like they say, there is a song for every situation) and the story is layered with lyrics throughout. I imagine a cipher of sorts. A cipher-sandwich. (Don’t ask, we’re talking about MY imagination here).


Here, while flipping through the very nicely designed artwork and well thought out words, we are able to relate; a pull and push sort of emotional culling that allows us to experience situations that we’ve all been through ourselves, through a set of new eyes. A unique spin and a fresh perspective. Me likey, a lot.


The e-book, written by Garfield Hylton and designed by Uprodigy Designs will be available soon. For all interviews, book reviews, questions, comments, concerns, please contact me at RealGoesRight@Gmail.Com or via Twitter at @RealGoesRight. To stay updated with my writing and see what else I’m working on, visit my site “When ‘Keeping It Real Goes’ Right” at www.RealGoesRight.Com

P.S: As a fellow IC’er, I think I found this highly amusing (by that I mean I laughed my ass off) when I saw this as part of the Thanks To:

To the IC. You guys are directly responsible for my vast music knowledge. Additionally, you do a great job of consistently humbling me via the internet. If this book gets slammed by everybody who reads it, I know you guys will be there to kick me while I’m down before you lift me up again.