I haven’t done the K-Pop thing a minute, and I tend not to because I realize it’s my love and if I get to blogging about it all the time, I might go crazy in excitement (That’s what my Tumblr is for). BUT whenever I find something that COULD be a transitive to any POPish/HipHopish culture stream that we have in the U.S, of course I’m going to write about it.

B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfection, which the netizens are calling Blond Asian People…which is just hilarious) is a new band who just released a new single and video and MY MY MY are they going crazy over it. Usually because KPop is full of flower pretty boys who sing about love and glitter and rainbows. But when a group is full of argoance and as much “gutter” as a KPop group can get, then that substantive setting apartness they capture is always a unique experience that fans eat up. (Previous groups that have captured that are Big Bang and Block B).

Here is WARRIOR. Set in some dark PLACE (I don’t know club, alley, abandoned dystopian parking lot, take your pick). Couple of things that made me put this on repeat.

  • -Ole buddy’s deep ass voice. Shit scared me. But you can’t help liking it. It was unexpected.
  • -The DANCING is gritty and violent. Nothing pretty about it at all.
  • -Zelo’s speed rap @ 1:46 is mention worthy. VERY mention worthy.
  • -The Stomp The Yard montage at the 2:44, had my mother, NPHC greek since the 70’s, SCREAMING her ass off. (Mind you, my mom is a KPopper too, but she was thoroughly impressed at this)

They are doing a good job at building a fanbase already (early Zelo and Bangs releases help build momentum) but with Warrior’s release, I’m sure they are going to go far at solidifying their way into stardom.