What If….?

What If….?

I don’t know man, sometimes I get caught up thinking, you know? Mostly random scenarios and how they could play out. Remember that Tootsie Pop commercial with the owl? I thought taking that kid’s Tootsie pop like that was really unnecessary. And what happens next, the Owl technically had it coming…if we’re being real.


What if after basically being a smart ass and eating the Tootsie pop, the kid came back with Mr. Turtle and they did a driveby? Who knows. Maybe he’s been a smart ass for years and the kid finally got tired of his shit and enlisted help from the animals.

Picture 16

What if the kid had to lay low for a bit and asked Mr. Fox for a place to stay? Naturally he knows someone. Because most people with shades on and grin like that know someone that knows someone. It’s true. It’s in a lot of books.


What if they put these 2 on the case?

And Stabler presses Mr. Cow who eventually cracks because they threatened to take him off of house arrest (incase you couldn’t tell by the fences) and send him back to prison?


What if the tip they got from that snitching ass Cow (DON’T DRINK MILK) lead them right to wear the kid was and they arrested him for the death of Mr. Owl. And RIGHT as they’re about to slam the door on the squad car and close the case…..


…this was just another one of Wade’s dreams?