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#ShaolinVsShutdown – Recap

Since the start of the start of the COVID-19 wave, I put together a weekly 1-2 Kung Fu movie screening for those interested in the genre while we’re all stuck in the house. It’s been a great time.  So, we’re rolling out the red carpet and inviting ToyS members to join in. All the details you need are below:

Requirements: MUST have a Netflix and/or Amazon account.
Time: Sundays, 4pm SHARP
Where: Discord Server
How to Join?: Click Here or

Got it? Good. Here’s a list of the films we’ve already seen up until now.

– The Five Venoms
– Executioners from Shaolin
– One Armed Boxer Vs. Flying Guillotine
– The Mystery of Chess Boxing
– Shaolin vs Lama
– The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
– IP Man: Master Z
– Man of Tai Chi
– Headshot
– House of Flying Daggers
– True Legend
– Legendary Weapons of China
– Legend of the Red Dragon

This week’s pick has been posted within the group. Come test your Kung Fu.

Toy Sldrs x Animal Crossing QR Codes

Hope you guys are holding up okay during the Worldwide Quarantine. With very little to do indoors for the past month, many of us have turned our attention to video games. And if you’re like me, Nintendo Switch’s “Animal Crossing” has been taking up a lot of your time lol. I figured we’d get your mini you decked out with some free Toys gear and artwork for your home.

For those unfamiliar with how the QR Codes work, Please note you’ll have to download the official Nintendo Switch Online app from your phones appstore. After setting it up with your Switch account, you’ll be able to add designs into the ProDesign app in your IN-GAME nook device by simply Scanning the codes with your actual phone. 

Enjoy, and see you in game!




Don’t Be A Menace – Free Activity Book!

This (Free) Activity Book features a few sample pages from all of the books I’ve released over the years along with older/unreleased Toy Sldrs designs. Everything is meant to be colored, so go crazy lol. 

Download Link: [ HERE ]

1) How I Reversed Time: A Coloring Book Experience by Dennis Joseph

2) YOcabulary: The Hip Hop Crossword Puzzle Book

3) YOcabulary: The Hip Hop Word Search Puzzle Book