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“The Saddest Story on Repeat” Art Exhibit

On my personal quest to experience more are this year, I stopped by Brianni T x The Super Poor Kids “Saddest Story on Repeat” art exhibit. I love the Dr. Seuss style and the fact that there’s a message behind each piece was certainly a plus. Unfortunately, I don’t have any video readily available of the spoken word / live art portion, but that just means you have to make it out to both hosts events to see it for yourself next time. Say hi when you do.


L.E.S. Art (Part. 1)

Just a few pics of art I found while walking around my favorite spot in the city

The Food Tour About Nothing

“Everyone’s doing something, let’s do nothing!” ~George Constanza

This was originally something I did as a private outing, but it wouldn’t be fair to other Seinfeld fans who’d probably enjoy it. So expect a PUBLIC version of the tour to happen soon. For now, enjoy a few of the pics below (Featuring The Black & White Cookie, The Chocolate Babka, The Lobster Bisque and a stop at the famous Tom’s Restaurant)

The Hulk x 50 Cent