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The Soundtrack to Time Travel

With the outpour of support for coloring book, I decided to have some fun and release an apple playlist (Sorry Spotify users 🙁 ) to coloring alongside with. I spent way more time working on this than I care to admit, but I certainly hope you guys dig it. Come color and time travel with me.

[ Listen on Apple Music ]


For those who haven’t yet – the book IS out now. Purchase your copy below and feel free to tell me what you think!

How I Reversed Time, a coloring book experience by Dennis Joseph. Now Available.

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Barnes & Nobles:
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Photo Recap: Comic Con 2017

Fall is my favorite time of the year for a number of reasons. Most of my favorite shows are back, NFL/NBA, halloween, hoodies and ofcourse, Comic Con. This weekend at the Javits Center didn’t disappoint. In the 3 years that I’ve managed to go, it never has.  Free stuff, custom artwork, panels on your favorite shows/games, collectibles, behind the scene look at things to come, full blown escape rooms, you name it. There wasn’t even enough time to cover it all. Yet somehow, I’m still exhausted.

If you haven’t gone before, I strongly suggest you make atleast 1 visit. It’s beyond worth it. And then, there’s the cosplay.  Half the time you’re too busy just admiring the amazing effort some people put into their costumes that you’ll forget to take a photo. I’m talking from experience. Regardless, if you couldn’t make it out this year, I took as many photos as possible to share the experience. Enjoy!

Digital Goods: How I Reversed Time

With the (Advanced) copy of my Coloring Book, “How I Reversed Time” dropping this friday, here’s a few new wallpapers for both your phone and watch to fit the theme and set the mood. Enjoy, Time Travelers!

Phone Wallpapers

Apple Watch Wallpapers

PREVIEW: How I Reversed Time

One of my biggest projects to date is nearing its release. Intended for all ages, “How I Reversed Time”, is a Coloring Book I’ve been working on since January of this year. It features artwork by yours truly and is based around many of the random thoughts/tweets you can find me posting across social media.

The official release date is 10.10.17. However, all NEWSLETTER members will have early access to the book starting Friday, 9.29.17 (Sign up here!).

All early orders will be signed and packaged with 5 bonus pages. And to get things started, below you’ll find the first two pages from the actual book available to download and print out yourself. Just so you have an idea of what to expect. Happy coloring !