What did he just say?

It’s actually hard for a lot of people to realize that Hip Hop isn’t just an American thing anymore. Although we are the founders and pretty much the embodiment of it here, Hip Hop is a culture that has spread beyond the boundaries of the States. Canada, Russia, Africa, England…all of these places have taken a piece of that culture and made it a bit their own.

Zico from recently debuted idol group Block B, isn’t what we considered a bubblegum artist like some of his other Korean counterparts. He’s a little bit grungier and has a street appeal that a lot of the other idols in his line of work don’t possess (Minus the glitter and guyliner that he wears from time to time…(._.).

So that leads me to a freestyle that I happened upon on my ownst (yeah I made that word up) Tumblr wall.

(Rough Translation)
I’m only 19 and still full of energy

I wear my headphones and don’t stop my gesture

They react and say “What the?”, when this kid starts rapping with a tongue twister

Now I’m going with any beat boom pow

Now you tell me you can’t handle this rap game

These pedestrians are lurking in the back

These slackers see blood from a killer

An arrow with poisoned criticism shot but missed

One bill mentioned above another

Little kids are stimulating into porn

They challenge themselves to penetrate some girls

Going steady but instead a blowjob for me

What’s this… A K-Hip Hop military ready to bite you

Typing up the skills along with the context, but I’m already like Lee Oi Soo

uh…? I don’t have time to waste like the others

I allow myself to breathe when I’m free

Not Lupe Fiasco on the mic, but it sounds awesome, and like I said, compared to his other rap cohorts, this is X Rated.


So piggybacking off last weeks topic dealing with Tenjou Tenge, I suddenly remember what actually made me STICK to watching the anime, amidst all the confusion. The first REAL fight of the anime.

Takayanami Vs Soichiro

Nothing outrageous, just pretty much fist fighting. No magical swords, no powering up, just two fighters, a little bit of body energy and Soichiro getting his ASS HANDED to him. So that got me to thinking, what are some other epic fights?

This next one involves swords, and is maybe considered one of the most EPIC fights ever recorded…on paper…or…WHATEVER they draw these things on. Magical BADASS paper probably.

Kenshin vs. Saito

Itachi Vs. Sauske Final Battle

And last but not least. Probably never considered by most as a fight, this was considered THE SHIT when I was 14.

Just some fights that stick out in my memory as being pretty damn good. THIS COULD go on forever, but I’mma stop here. What are some of your favorite anime fights?


So despite this AWESOME intro that was downloaded to my iPod…

I couldn’t tell you WHAT THE FUCK went down in this anime. You know there are animes that have 5011 episodes when it could have probably used…15? And then there are animes that got 20-ish so episodes when it needed FAR FAR FAR MORE?

Tenjou Tenge is one of them. (Yeah Samuari Champloo, I’m looking at yo ass too)

Adapted from a manga that was damn near a porn, Tenjou Tenge was a somewhat popular anime. Hey, it even featured a black guy…with dreads? Daebaek (huge win) right? So, it’s not the fact that its a BAD anime. It’s like they took a complicated but interesting plot and clusterfucked it into a complicated series to understand. I blinked in confusion the entire second half of the anime (which they had the NERVE to call Arcs). But I watched it to completion.

It starts off confusing. Two deliquents (Nagi and Bob) show up at a school, determined to, I guess, whoops everybody’s ass there, therefore proclaiming them the strongest in the school. They make their way through a good 3/4ths of the people before a midget with a bokken gives him the business. This is where we find out that this isn’t an ordinary school, but a school dedicated to all disciples of fighting.

Two sisters, Maya (who is so powerful she has to conserve her ki and walks around most of the anime as a 2 year old child) and Aya (the owner of the Dragon’s Gate, a traditionalist and clingy as shit) are considered two of the strongest in the school. Then there is Masataka, who is the younger brother of Takayanagi, who is the leader of the Executives who also happens to be a former “lover” of Maya, who was the little sister of the FORMER leader of the Executives. Shin….man…okay.

So, then there is a bethrothal, some adultery, random flashbacks that probably would have been more helpful at the BEGINNING, unrequited love, a fight at a bowling alley, politics, family secrets, something about an eyepatch and some kind of demon sword.

So yeah. Watch it. Maybe you can tell ME WTF was going on.


sidenote: Let’s all have a moment of silence for this TERRIBLE cosplay attempt.

Masashi Kishimoto…We Just Gone ACT….


Are you fucking kidding me?

Let me back this up.

Do you know who this is?

You see this? This is Hyuga Hinata. Princess of the entire Hyuga clan. A PRINCESS. A muthafuc-*kicks over a trashcan* Princess, okay? Not only is she ROYALTY, but she got curves that would put ANY top notch twerk team Geisha to shame. She’s shy, yes. But beautiful, friendly, intelligent, and powerful. After she finally mastered Gentle Fist, and her Byakugan to good measure, Masashi Kishimoto finally decided to give her a backbone. Do you understand that this painfully shy woman, stood up to PAIN of all people; the man who just destroyed her ENTIRE village, for Naruto sake? Anybody understand that he just wiped out like…5011 people and she was like “Ah Hell Nah! Fuck these other people! He trying kill Naruto? Nah Fuck that, b…” and marched off to confront him?

I MEAN DAMN IT Kishimoto! After she almost…DIES because of it, then she disappears? Naruto is sitting around with a woman’s heart on a platter…and he’s still concerned about that pink haired hussy of a woman?


I mean, we had 5011 months of spoilers and you couldn’t fit it in your busy schedule, Kishimoto, to resolve this? There better be like…50 Uzumaki kids with Byakugans and Rasengans all over damn Konaha by the end of this series or I’m going apeshit.




*ship = relationship. As in I ship Naruto and Hinata. I also ship Sakura and some damn common sense. Neji and Ten Ten. Temari and Shikamaru (HELL YEAH)…wait I’m getting off track….