What did he just say?

It’s actually hard for a lot of people to realize that Hip Hop isn’t just an American thing anymore. Although we are the founders and pretty much the embodiment of it here, Hip Hop is a culture that has spread beyond the boundaries of the States. Canada, Russia, Africa, England…all of these places have taken a piece of that culture and made it a bit their own.

Zico from recently debuted idol group Block B, isn’t what we considered a bubblegum artist like some of his other Korean counterparts. He’s a little bit grungier and has a street appeal that a lot of the other idols in his line of work don’t possess (Minus the glitter and guyliner that he wears from time to time…(._.).

So that leads me to a freestyle that I happened upon on my ownst (yeah I made that word up) Tumblr wall.

(Rough Translation)
I’m only 19 and still full of energy

I wear my headphones and don’t stop my gesture

They react and say “What the?”, when this kid starts rapping with a tongue twister

Now I’m going with any beat boom pow

Now you tell me you can’t handle this rap game

These pedestrians are lurking in the back

These slackers see blood from a killer

An arrow with poisoned criticism shot but missed

One bill mentioned above another

Little kids are stimulating into porn

They challenge themselves to penetrate some girls

Going steady but instead a blowjob for me

What’s this… A K-Hip Hop military ready to bite you

Typing up the skills along with the context, but I’m already like Lee Oi Soo

uh…? I don’t have time to waste like the others

I allow myself to breathe when I’m free

Not Lupe Fiasco on the mic, but it sounds awesome, and like I said, compared to his other rap cohorts, this is X Rated.