So piggybacking off last weeks topic dealing with Tenjou Tenge, I suddenly remember what actually made me STICK to watching the anime, amidst all the confusion. The first REAL fight of the anime.

Takayanami Vs Soichiro

Nothing outrageous, just pretty much fist fighting. No magical swords, no powering up, just two fighters, a little bit of body energy and Soichiro getting his ASS HANDED to him. So that got me to thinking, what are some other epic fights?

This next one involves swords, and is maybe considered one of the most EPIC fights ever recorded…on paper…or…WHATEVER they draw these things on. Magical BADASS paper probably.

Kenshin vs. Saito

Itachi Vs. Sauske Final Battle

And last but not least. Probably never considered by most as a fight, this was considered THE SHIT when I was 14.

Just some fights that stick out in my memory as being pretty damn good. THIS COULD go on forever, but I’mma stop here. What are some of your favorite anime fights?