Floppers Paradise

Floppers Paradise

After catching wind of an article over at HHW, I felt this was appropriate.

The sport of Basketball requires skill, determination, regular practice and rigorous exercise to keep your body in top shape for that long season. Even the most gifted of players still need these as part of their foundation. It also requires a bit of acting. Especially when you’re attempting to successfully sell a foul to the refs. This is where some players excel far beyond others. The art of flopping.

Before going through some of the more hilarious flop videos, you have to pay homage to one of the best to ever do it. If you’re a fan of basketball, you know him. Vlade Divac. Flopzilla.

For a man the size of Divac to pull off some of the most ridiculous flops ever, I’m sure that trickled down to some of the newer, younger cats just as big. Say, King James for example:

Big men aren’t the only ones getting fake hurt. How about the arm lock vertical flop by Baron Davis? Okur really applied some force into that one. Somehow.

Not your thing? Well how about the no contact Flop? I’m thinking Boozer must be an Air Bender. No other way to explain what happens here:

Ever wonder what happens when an Immovable Flop meets and Unstoppable Flopper?

The league has some great actors. Its too bad fines are now being put into place to combat it. In the meantime however, you can always head on over to youtube and check out more videos. *Flops as I type this*