I’m Just Saying: KHip-Hop

I’m Just Saying: KHip-Hop

Music Driveby!

At no point am I trying to convert you. I listen to different music, I watch different things, I am a different person. Cool gravy.

But I thought I’d introduce some of my favorite Hip Hop songs that didn’t have swagger footprints of the United States, English speaking variety. And I promise you, you’ll enjoy it. Well I can’t promise you that, BUT even if you don’t enjoy it, nor understand it, you gotta admit….if you DID understand it, it’d probably be good music…..

I’m just saying. [DJ Khaleed] LISTEN. [/DJ Khaleed]

This is my shit. Bolded and EVERYTHING.
Dok2 & Double K – 시간이 됐어 / Die Legend 3 [M/V]

This feels like it was filmed right down someone’s street…
Drunken Tiger – 편의점 Convenience Store (feat. Gemini)

IN ENGLISH and Dope.
Sun Zoo (Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, Roscoe Umali & Illmind) – “Get Down.”

That is all.