Netflix Movie Pick (11.13.12) – #MarvinsWeek Edition

To take you deeper down the rabbit hole of sadness and regret, is a 2 hit combo of indie films on Netflix sure to remind you of what you can’t have or lost. Marvin’s Week approved.


Imagine waking up every day only to live out a random part of your life. Enter Lovell Milo, who’s stuck in such a predicament. Without spoiling anything, it turned out alright. A total 180 from my typical picks. However it is Marvin’s Week, so, you know. Just don’t expect too many explosions and cool poses with guns.

Listen to Your Heart

Now this shit is down right depressing. I had to kill 2 baby deer (or Fawn’s, for those of you who want to be technical) right after and do 3,000 pushups in under a minute smh. I don’t have a review, but I’m sure Drizzy would approve.