Bane’s Labyrinth – #MarvinsWeek

Since it’s Marvin’s Week, it kind’ve had me thinking about the friend zone. Something every single person on this planet has experienced at some point in time. You either ruined your chances and were sent there unknowingly, or like many others, you were born into it. Raised by it. Haunted by its cold strictly platonic aura. In a way, the Friend Zone is alot like the Cave in Dark Knight Rises that Bane talks about. At the top? Success. Your chances of a full blown relationship blossoming. At the bottom? Others just like you, yearning for freedom. Men and women alike striving to break the “homie” and “sis/bro” chains that bind them.

Every attempt you take to make “The Jump”, they chant.

Deshi Deshi!! Basara!! Basara!!

And every failed attempt like the example of Mary Jane in the scene above, the hope that once shined bright in their eyes, starts to darken. They want to believe in you to give hope to themselves. And you know what? like the caped crusader, some of you will get out. You WILL take your rightful place amongst the winners and share the glory that destiny has set forth for you!

But.. (And there’s always a but.)

…the majority of you will die there. You will lay in that cave much like Bruce Wayne did on that dirty old bed and watch Gotham (or in your case, the guy/gal of your dreams) in the arms of another, enjoying the happiness you so desperately sort after. And before you close your eyes and let out that shrieking cry of pure and utter dismay, that charismatic son of a bitch (in this case, Zack Morris) who took your shine will peer down on you and say…