Secret Walls: Wizard Skull vs Coseb1 | Adrien K vs Mastro


As always, I try to make it to the Secret Walls events here in NYC whenever they take place. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s basically a 90min art competition. Artists can use brushes, markers, etc, however, no color. When time’s up, it’s up to the lovely crowd to pick a winner.¬†For the first time since I’ve been going, it turned out to be a double header.

Originally a triple, but I think Zukie wasn’t around at the time. When he finally did show up, Cosbe1’s decision to cut into the canvas (although it was a pretty dope idea) ended up ruining the paper for the other contestants and cut the competition down a bit. None the less, it was a great time. I recommend anyone into art to at least stop by and check it out. Usuaully I do a video, but this time kept it short with some pics of the artists in action. Take a look below.

@Wizard Skull