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Secret Walls: Wizard Skull vs Coseb1 | Adrien K vs Mastro


As always, I try to make it to the Secret Walls events here in NYC whenever they take place. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s basically a 90min art competition. Artists can use brushes, markers, etc, however, no color. When time’s up, it’s up to the lovely crowd to pick a winner. For the first time since I’ve been going, it turned out to be a double header.

Originally a triple, but I think Zukie wasn’t around at the time. When he finally did show up, Cosbe1’s decision to cut into the canvas (although it was a pretty dope idea) ended up ruining the paper for the other contestants and cut the competition down a bit. None the less, it was a great time. I recommend anyone into art to at least stop by and check it out. Usuaully I do a video, but this time kept it short with some pics of the artists in action. Take a look below.

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Secret Walls – Wizard Skull vs Chris RWK

Had the opportunity last night to check out my first ever Secret Walls competition over @ The Woods. For those unfamiliar, Secret Walls is basically a 90 minute freestyle art battle. All black and white. No prep or sketching. All done infront of an audience, who at the end, will decide a winner. Wizard Skull (Left Side) & Chris RWK (Right Side) duked it out in an all out battle for world domination. And although neither of them took over the world, they did make some really cool art. Some notable mentions, L’Amour Supreme stopped in and ended up judging the amateur competition. The young lady who won was pretty talented. She left with a case of Public House Wine (who sponsored the event) and an art pad. I think.

I didn’t initially go to cover anything, just hang out. (Basically why I had no real camera on me. ) However I wanted to share my choppy iPhone video anyway. And for your listening pleasure(?) – I added Mortal Kombat to the background. Because yelling Mortal Kombat at events should always be a thing. Congrats to Chris RWK (right side) who pulled off the win. I’ll definitely show up to the next one! Video above, pics below. That sounds like a kinky internet 69 media porno. Anywho, enjoy.

PS: Shut up, because Nick Gazin said so.