#ShaolinVsShutdown – Recap

Since the start of the start of the COVID-19 wave, I put together a weekly 1-2 Kung Fu movie screening for those interested in the genre while we’re all stuck in the house. It’s been a great time.  So, we’re rolling out the red carpet and inviting ToyS members to join in. All the details you need are below:

Requirements: MUST have a Netflix and/or Amazon account.
Time: Sundays, 4pm SHARP
Where: Discord Server
How to Join?: Click Here or

Got it? Good. Here’s a list of the films we’ve already seen up until now.

– The Five Venoms
– Executioners from Shaolin
– One Armed Boxer Vs. Flying Guillotine
– The Mystery of Chess Boxing
– Shaolin vs Lama
– The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
– IP Man: Master Z
– Man of Tai Chi
– Headshot
– House of Flying Daggers
– True Legend
– Legendary Weapons of China
– Legend of the Red Dragon

This week’s pick has been posted within the group. Come test your Kung Fu.