BOATS. Based On A True Story

The entire world has been a clusterfuck of bad decisions & bad news. So much so, it feels as if there’s almost something new happening everyday and I’m no less immune to any of it than you are. So while production around the site has slowed down in the midst of COVID-19, Police Brutality, Protests, Economic Failures, Aliens, Parallel Earths, and countless deaths – I never really stopped working. With that said, I wanted to share a small collection of art pieces I put together for my own sanity in the middle of the world crumbling. Whether you purchase something or not, I hope it resonates with you.

Much like how the news has been consistently dropping less than thrilling reports daily or every other day, each piece from the B O A T S collection will be released separately daily/every other day. With that said:


BOATS, Self Titled.