Good vibes! This past weekend, the good folks of Dope League and Genmotion put together a fundraiser for the film “ELLA: The Love Story” They raffled off free Tattoos, Artwork and even Clothing. (Ironically, a guy won the dress. Go figure.)

The main highlight for me however will of course be the performances. And there were a ton. Haven’t seen a few of the performers in awhile so it was great to be there for it. I even became a fan of a few new faces I wasn’t familiar with before. (Always a good thing!) It may have started at 5pm, but definitely didn’t end until nearly 2am.

The overall energy for the night was totally positive and seeing everyone come together for the sake of making the film happen was a beautiful thing. And I had a front row seat for it all. Check out the quick summary video below for a preview of what you missed. Also hit the YT page later today for extended clips. [ ]