I didn’t make it to Comic Con.

Holy Time Travel Batman!

For whatever reason, not making it there shook up some memories of me as a kid. How many are old enough to remember the classic Batman & Robin TV show staring Adam West?  Looking back, yeah it was pretty cheesy. But that’s after judging it not only as an adult but being immersed in all the advances we’ve made in media. (The first episode of The Flash pretty much ran circles around it visually. Ha, run.) Either way, as a nod to my childhood, I figure I’d Google some of those classic Batman action figures. Take a look.

The good ol’ days. Man, I’ve always wanted that Bat mobile. Things went up a notch when we got Batman the Animated Series. I wish it didn’t end (cancelled?). So good.

You know I had those too, right? Good times. Lot’s of fond memories. Maybe, no, I WILL be at Comic Con next year. You have to go atleast once. No excuses. (Join me?) Finally, for nostalgia purposes, there’s no way to end this post without playing the intro music one time. NANANANANA …. *goes on for infinity*