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Wordsmiff – Can A Nigga Dream

New Smiffy! The Brooklyn MC dropped his latest project yesterday. What can you expect? Bars over tough beats, versatility and features to a minimum. (ReQ Cartier, Fi & Qu’ality) Not one to disappoint, so definitely give it a listen. Plus, everyone needs a DMX prayer before maneuvering through these streets.


WordSmiff & ReQ Cartier – I’m On It

2 step to this. 2 step to this. 2 step to this. Brooklyn MC’s, Wordsmiff and ReQ Cartier activate their wonder twin powers yet again over DJ Mustard production for the track “I’m on it”. That Brooklyn’s Finest project is coming soon. The video was shot by J. Stukes and was directed by TheSuiteLife team. You gotta admit, Jesus’ Milly Rock is kinda mean. Check it out.


RocC$tar – Stress Free (Remix) ft. ReQ Cartier & WordSmiff

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoBaMeVhr74]

Music video for Stress Free (Remix) ft. ReQ Cartier & WordSmiff performed by RocC$tar.

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