The Twins

The Twins

Maximoff-Twins(Don’t worry, I thought I meant breasts too at first. Damn clickbaits! )

Kicking off my Age of Ultron 3 day post series, I thought it would be essential for those not overly familiar with the 2 to get some background info before the movie drops. Pietro and Wanda Maximoff are the children of Erik Lehnsherr, better known to most as Magneto. The result of a short lived relationship with one Magda Eisenhardt. OBeing children of the great Magneto, each were gifted with amazing abilities.

Pietro Maximoff (Quicksliver): Super Speed and everything that comes with it. Running across water (Take THAT, Jesus!), creating cyclones, etc. Not a bad pickup if you ask me.

Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch): Reality Altering abilities. Her powers are a *tad bit more complex than Pietro’s, and without proper training, she doesn’t have quite a full hold on it like her brother. Still very much a threat nonetheless as she can deflect objects, manipulate their size, weight & basically defy gravity as seen above. Damn Wanda, you scary.

Now that you have some idea of who they are, lets cover the movie versions. I’m still unsure of how BOTH companies are able to use the twins, but there was some sort’ve loophole in their contract which allowed room for 2 different interpretations of the characters.

In X-Men: Days of Future Past, we’re introduced to this guy:

quicksilver-x-men-days-of-future-past-1-1280-zps7decb17aYoung Pietro is a bit of a showoff with amazing talent. Sounds about right. However his origin is only alluded to in a quick (BAZINGA!) elevator scene with Erik where he asks about his metal bending powers and mentions that his mother knew a guy who could do that. [Awkward pause here.] Unfortunately, we never get to see or hear any mention of Wanda. 🙁

Age of Ultron Origin:

miracleDue to licensing and contraction obligations, Pietro and Wanda’s origins had to be changed. With FOX owning the rights to the word “Mutants” (To sum it up, Marvel leased the term along with the X-Men to fox to distribute and make movies. Seeing as though the contract is still valid, they can’t use it in films.) , Marvel had no choice but to alter a few things to make it work. So for one, these 2 are not the kids of Magneto. Infact, “Mutants” don’t exist in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe.) There are just ‘inhumans’ with special ‘gifts.’ In the case of the Maximoff Twins, their powers are the results of Hydra experiments using Loki’s Scepter + it’s Infinity Gem from the 1st Avengers movie. Thus why they were locked up in the prisons above. If you haven’t seen the end credits scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, check it out below for a quick summary.