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How To: Make Your Own Toy Sldr

What You Need:
1. Paper (1 Sheet Per Sldr)
2. Scissors
3. Glue/ Glue Stick
4. 15 mins.

This is going to be a lot faster than the Tank. Promise. Click the image above for the FULL SIZE and print a copy to get started



Step 1: Carefully cut the Sam Sldr Body + Arms out of the paper.
Step 2: Fold the body as indicated in the diagram for all the highlighted areas. (Fold the white flaps, the top part of the helmet, the bottom of the feet, the sides of the body, etc.)
Step 3: If folded correctly, you should notice his square like appearance beginning to form. Simply glue all the white flaps to their respective parts in order to keep the body together.

Step 1: Fold each arm along its horizontal mirror axis (the dotted lines) so you have a back and front.
Step 2: Perform a small fold along the biceps diagonally as indicted above.
Step 3: Glue the part that you folded on each arm to each side of Sam’s body.

Congrats! You’ve just recruited your first Sldr. Make as many as your expensive printer ink will allow you to

How To: Make Your Own Toy Sldrs Tank


Need some random TOYS for your desk? Here to help. Click on the picture above to get the full size image, then print it out to get started on your own Toy Sldrs Tank!

What You Need:
1. Paper (Obviously)
2. Scissors
3. Glue/ Glue Stick
4. 15 or so mins.

Click on each picture below and follow the steps. If you need a bigger example during each step, from the following page, click the image again. Happy Arts and crafts. Feel free to @ us on twitter or instagram with your finished Tanks! Special limited discount for all of those who send us a picture 😀

Cuffin’ Season 2013 Calendar + Guide

Started from the Summer, now we’re here. The chill in the air will be returning, Twitter Honey’s are scheming, Marvin is writing his Haiku’s, and the loneliness is spreading.

The Game begins again my friends.

The Official 2013 Cuffin’ Season Calendar

The Cuff is upon us and as you may know, it’s all about proper planning, timing and execution. If you’ve been following along all this these years, by now you’d consider yourself more than prepared, but there has been quite a few additions and changes that even you need to look over. For example: Cuffin’ Season usually begins on the first day of Fall. This year, that would’ve been Sunday, September 22nd, 2013. However, this time around we mark the 1st day of Cuffin’ Season with the release of Drake’s album, “Nothing Was The Same”, which takes place Tuesday, September 24th 2013. It’s almost as if he planned it that way.

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Cuffin’ Season 2012 Calendar + Guide

If you read last years guide, you should be somewhat familiar with the idea of Cuffin’ Season. [ You can always refresh your memory here ] However, instead of just giving you the same exact calendar, many new factors had to be taken into account. New dangers you need to be aware of that threaten your Cuffin’ likelihood. In the past year I’ve had time to observe, study, and keep note of these events. I even called in a few people to assist on speaking on some of these dangers. So with no further adieu…

The Official 2012 Cuffin’ Season Calendar

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