Cuffin’ Season 2015 Calendar + Guide

The Official 2015 Cuffin’ Season Calendar

As you can see, the Calendar wasn’t released during it’s usual time. I could sense something wasn’t right. Although I have been prepping people since Mid-August with the right Shoot Your Shot music, there was clearly a disturbance. The air wasn’t as crisp as it should be. The lust wasn’t quite right. I sat back and waited. Sure enough, #WATTBA dropped and extended Summer at least an additional week. Cuffin’ Season had to be pushed back. Strategies needed to be reevaluated. Everything from preparing for Charles/Charlene, finding new allies in Netflix & Chill, to Withstanding The Woes of Christmas Past, etc. With this being our 5th year, there is no longer any need for full blown breakdowns. This isn’t a local pickup game at the park. You’re officially in the league now, kids. Oh what a time, to shoot a shot.

Gear Up. [ Prerequisite Reading ]:
– Within the archived guides, you’ll find detailed definitions for a lot of the terminology used and additional help on implementing them into your own Cuffin’ Strategy.

Final Notes:
Did you make it? Will you make it? Well, if you followed everything outlined and made adjustments wherever necessary, you should. Don’t get me wrong either, what may start out as just fun and games, could turn into the best decision you’ve ever made.  I’m just here to guide you into the new year. What you do after that point is entirely up to you. Questions? Comments? Send them via twitter to @ToySldrs or with the hashtag #GameOfCuffs.  Take a chance, or give someone a chance. But never forget..