NYC Comic Con

NYC Comic Con 2015 – The Cosplay

I missed Comic Con 2014. I made a post briefly touching on that last year. (You can check that here.) I had no interest in doing that 2 years in a row. With that said, it was everything I expected. Possibly more. Whether or not it’s just a fad for many, we’re in the era of the nerds and geeks. Everything from Blockbuster Superhero films, to TV shows, netflix specials, etc. It’s safe to say, the world has finally fell love in love with the sub-culture.

And it’s great.

I have a new found appreciation for what Cosplayers do too. There’s so much effort that goes into creating some of these costumes. Seriously, some of you are amazing. Even if you aren’t a fan of ‘comics’, it’s still a great time. Besides, there’s still lots to do. Panels, giveaways, artists to meet, video games, etc.  Comic Con is huge. (With more than 150,000 people in attendance, way to state the obvious, right?) But what I mean is, with the sheer amount of things you can get into, a 1 day pass couldn’t do proper justice as I’ve come to learn this year.

Enough of my yapping. Below you’ll find all the cool people who were nice enough to pose for a picture and stay in character. (ie Batman and Capt. Jack Sparrow) I’ll be there next year and I think you should too.