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Street Art in Bushwick [ Part 2 ]

On the last installment of Bushwick Street Art, I showed you a lot of work found via the JMZ Walls Collective. But, as I also mentioned, there are other groups keep things vibrant around the Borough.

Enter the Bushwick Art Collective. Started accidentally by Joseph Ficalora, the project sort’ve came into fruition after Ficalora began inviting artists to paint walls within the area as long as they followed a few simple rules:

1. Nothing offensive to children, women or the local businesses walls they were allowed to paint on.
2. No politics.
3. No one is paid for the work. The artists donate their own supplies and time, and the building owners donate their wall space.

From there, it took off to what you see today. Artists from all over the world have made their way to Bushwick for the chance to showcase their work on a wall within the city. Interested in checking it out? Head on over to Troutman Street and St. Nicholas Avenue. Or for those familiar with the L line, get off on Jefferson St. and simply walk around. The pieces are everywhere. Enjoy the photos!

Street Art in Bushwick

With the Bushwick Collective Block Party happening this weekend (Click Here for more info on that), it felt like the perfect time to finally drop this. It’s virtually impossible to walk through the streets of Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY.) without bumping into some amazing pieces of artwork spray painted on Rooftops, Walls of Bodegas, Do Not Enter barricades, etc. It’s everywhere!

[Note: One of the best views for hidden pieces, is  on the Manhattan Bound J Train from Broadway Junction and beyond.]

Although it’s usually considered ‘illegal‘ to cover public property with Graffiti, J M Z Walls, a non for profit collective has been actively working to change that and bring art to ALL local pedestrians. The name comes from the trains (The J, M & Z obviously) that run along the path of many of these walls daily. With their help along with many other local organizations such as The Bushwick CollectiveDodworth Street Mural, they have all participated in helping brighten up your daily work commute, or like me, spending your Saturday afternoon wandering the neighborhood.

During my small weekend excursion, I stopped at a certain piece only to be greeted by the actual artist behind it (I promise we didn’t plan it or anything.) Meet the lovely Lexi Bella. She was nice enough to not only introduce herself but do me the honor of posing with her work for a photo. Hey Lexi! [ View More of Here Work Here ]  There was so much to post, I had no choice but to make it a gallery. (Otherwise this would scroll forever! Eitherway, take a moment out of the day to check out some of the work below. My hats off to ALL of the artists. Hope to meet you guys!