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Movie Club: Feat. @WhoIsMicAllen


Week 7! 2 movies I’ve never seen so I’m really interested in checking them out. This weeks picks were made by @WhoIsMicAllen. Hit him up on twitter with your opinions and meet back up with the entire movie club by using the hashtag #MovieClub on twitter on Sunday nights (10pm EST) Due to the July 4th Weekend, we will push the discussion back to Monday July 6th 2015. Go stuff your face with food and have a good time.


Movie Club: Feat. @Ohh_MySweets


Week #6
After a great Week 4/5 discussion, we’re back on track! I’ve seen Nightcrawler and it’s a great film. New to Lucky, but it looks interesting. Tom Hank and his son literally have the same face. This week’s films were picked by @Ohh_MySweets You can always hit her up with your opinion. We’ll link up and discuss Week 6 picks this Sunday at 10pm EST on twitter. You can always follow the hashtag #MovieClub for any last min changes.