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A mixture of art, events & different places we’ve visited that were interesting enough to share. A day in the life of the Sldrs.

L.E.S. Art (Part. 1)

Just a few pics of art I found while walking around my favorite spot in the city

NYC Comic Con 2016 – The Cosplay

I didn’t take nearly as many pics this year as I did last year. However, I definitely had as much fun. Many of the same companies returned this year with new displays (DC Comics held the main floor down with their Wonder Woman showcase, Viz Media had their anime section, Netflix/Marvel with Iron Fist promo, etc.) Countless costumes, and a HUGE spike in Harley Quinn cosplay for obvious reasons. One of the biggest, if not the biggest highlights was finally getting a shot to be on Legends of the Hidden Temple. My childhood couldn’t be happier. Check out a few of the pics I did manage to take.

There’s also a mini prize pack / contest later this week. Stay tuned for that. And yes, that’s me as Deadshot.

The Face Challenge


One of my NYE resolutions was to draw more, so I challenged myself to draw 1 portrait a day for all of January. I didn’t quite pull it off (21 total), but these were a few of my favorites. Every 4 block of sketches shows improvement. It’s funny how a little bit of practice (WE TALKIN BOUT PR-) goes a long way. This wasn’t a personal challenge either. Other artists join in on twitter. Thanks to everyone who participated. I added their names below along with the final 4 sketches and a link to view everyone’s work.