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A mixture of art, events & different places we’ve visited that were interesting enough to share. A day in the life of the Sldrs.

#ShaolinVsShutdown – Recap

Since the start of the start of the COVID-19 wave, I put together a weekly 1-2 Kung Fu movie screening for those interested in the genre while we’re all stuck in the house. It’s been a great time.  So, we’re rolling out the red carpet and inviting ToyS members to join in. All the details you need are below:

Requirements: MUST have a Netflix and/or Amazon account.
Time: Sundays, 4pm SHARP
Where: Discord Server
How to Join?: Click Here or

Got it? Good. Here’s a list of the films we’ve already seen up until now.

– The Five Venoms
– Executioners from Shaolin
– One Armed Boxer Vs. Flying Guillotine
– The Mystery of Chess Boxing
– Shaolin vs Lama
– The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
– IP Man: Master Z
– Man of Tai Chi
– Headshot
– House of Flying Daggers
– True Legend
– Legendary Weapons of China
– Legend of the Red Dragon

This week’s pick has been posted within the group. Come test your Kung Fu.

Breaking the Wheel

To be perfectly honest, I’ve always had an issue with releasing seasonal collections. The whole point of having my own equipment was to move at my own pace. I’d much prefer to create and release new products based on when I come up with them vs the traditional calendar schedule brands seem to run with.  I understand WHY it’s done, I just no longer want to do it. So as of this post, that’s how things are going to run around here. Smaller capsule collections that exist outside of the seasonal thing. *Flies away on his Dragon*